Adorable Knitted Baby Hats and Other Things Critical and Urgent

So, I'm finding it rather hard to be productive these days. Really, with morning sickness and jet lag behind me and Stella back in school, I should be buckling down, moving projects along, and ticking things off my lists.

But, the moment I sit down at my computer I'm distracted by visions of tiny little knitted baby hats and daydreams of the softest of soft leather baby shoes.  

Unfortunately, you see, very little of substance can actually be accomplished when I'm preoccupied with the all important task of sourcing the absolute Perfect Newborn Baby Going Home From The Hospital Ensemble. And since I don't yet have official word on the gender of this foetus-child, narrowing down outfit choices is difficult! Plus I need to make sure I allow for adequate shipping to Indonesia time. Woe! 

So, anyway, I decided that maybe, I could put to use of my trolling-around-the-internet-for-the-perfect-gender-neutral-infant-outfit-time and create a mood board of sorts. You know, shopping inspiration. Because I obviously need some of that.





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This post was written in collaboration with Babski Baby, whose baby hats are adorable, btw. Eternal thanks for providing a legitimate reason to spend several hours looking at newborn clothing.As always, all opinions and thoughts expressed herein are my own entirely.