Advenetures in Eastern Ontario.

Well, it looks like I forgot where I left my blog. But good news! I've got two whole hours with noting scheduled, a hotel room full of wifi and an iPad loaded with Babies to occupy my three-year-old! Freeeeeedom!

We've been jamming our days about as full as you can get them, going going going from about 7 am to 9 pm. Such is the reality of coming "home" for vacation. There's just too many great people people whom I miss too much, whom I NEED to see, and that leaves zero time for relaxation. It's an expat truth. We deal. 

So, anyway, what have we been up to? Let me show you in several obnxiouly photo-filled vacation brag posts.

First up! The Ottawa Valley.

Last week, Stella and I rolled into Eastern Ontario on Via Rail for a three-day visit with some of the loveliest friends that there ever could have been. We hung out in my friend's lovely old farmhouse which is about as sweet as you can imagine. I got to meet (and generally smother with way too much attention) her new baby boy, while her older boy adopted Stella as his side-kick and / or shadow. Lets just say that being able to play with a big kid kind of totally made her life.

Isn't this the sweetest litte corner?

My friends organized a lovely reunion with some high school friends. Only, this time there were three more babies in the mix. I'm pretty sure that the last time we were all together, we were regaling each other about the stupid things we did that time we were so hammered. This time the conversation took a much more sober (not sorry!) tone. Major topics of discussion included the region's best toy stores, bedtimes and sleep strategies, and the pros and cons of sundry features of various strollers.

This is a good picture of no one. But it does convey the chaos that five children can produce. Also there are three more humans in this picture then there were last time we all got together.

New humans!

There was, however, a dinner of tacos, including home made tortillas. And I'd like to say that the chef basically hit that one out of the park.


Somehow over the course of our stay, my kid got it into her head that life could not go on unless we had a picnic. I'm not sure where she acquired the picnic schema (complete with blankets and baskets??), but she did. And was quite insistent on the fact that we must have one. So have one we did! In the park beside a stream under a tree. Poor kid was so jet laged that she fell asleep five minuets into our walk, and stayed unconscious throughout most of the meal.

Picnik fixins (as provided by a cafe because, come on! Vacation.)

Unconcious picnik.

We rounded out our stay with some playground time, a lovely dinner, more baby snuggles, and an overly stressed / frantic quest to pack all the things back in my suitcase.

All in all, it was a great three days that I only wish could have lasted longer!

For more of my travel adventures, you can follow along on my sporaditcally updated instagram account. I'm expatriababy.

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