Things and Stuff.



Oh Friday, it's you again. So glad you're here.


This week has been all about settling back into our regular life. School is starting. Work (should be!!!) starting. And it's hard to transition back to normal. Especially when you're, like, three. 


The result has been some sleep regressions (heyyyy, 4 am. You're still as horrific as ever), some trips down tantrum lane (omg, sometimes its easier to tantrum for 48 minutes than to put away the play dough???), and power struggles about putting on shoes and carrying back packs. You know. Hard life things. 



Still, we've had some sunny, laughter soaked moments at the pool, some pretty great meals, and some languid snuggle time. 


Here's what's been floating my interwebular boat this week.


I'm learning that Stella really requires more structure and routine in her life. Routine and sameness is so counter intuitive to me, so I'm looking for hints and tips to help me out. This post by one of the most wise parenting bloggers out there really helped me. 


And I drew inspiration from this post to create a little chart to map out our morning routine. It's helping (when I remember to follow it.)


So, homesickness, culture shock, and general crankiness. It's a hazard of expat life. My friend Greta calls them her China Days. I've been having a few of my own lately. But thankfully, I think they're mostly behind me.

Many bloggers I follow harbour a common dream: leaving it all behind and becoming homesteaders. I have a similar (but different!) dream of leaving it all behind and hitting the road. This blog, which I can't recommend highly enough, is about a woman and her son who did just that.  

My name-twin and fellow expat mama is also expecting! Yay for babies born in far-flung places! (And also: being pregnant in Tanzania. Wow.)

To all of you who sent me links to food blogs, thank you a million times. I really loved this blog (oh southern French rustic perfection.)

I'm totally digging Tragic Sandwich's Mom Friendly Meals series. 

I also was inspired to make a Burst Tomato galette from an old favourite blog which I was prompted to re-visit at your suggestion. It was delicious. I made a bit extra tart filling to toss with pasta for Stella and felt like a champion.

I things that I can stick in the oven, forget about, and come back to after a long toddler play sesh. This recipe is perfect and discovered that the leftover chicken makes excellent tacos. 

Love this onsie.

Ashley is following her photographic dream. I kind of love the result. 

Here's an adorable baby shower gift idea!


Alright, weekend. Give me your best. I'm hoping to avoid malls, get some sun, and maybe, just maybe sneak in a coffee date with The Chef.