Fresh, New.

New Years is kind of a crock of shit, right? I mean what makes January 1st any more or less significant than November 13th? We all launch headlong into the year full of ambition, vague resolutions, and hope for a new year new me this is the year that I’ll finally loose those ten pounds cross my fingers hope to die. 


I don’t buy it. Intellectually.


But emotionally? That’s a different story.


 As the year draws to a close I invariably catch myself taking stock, ticking off my achievements and mourning those ambitions that fell away.  Buoyant at the prospect of a fresh start, I begin keeping a mental list with all my hopes for everything that will be different, this year, promise, pinky swear.  


This year is no different. I’m hopeful that 2014 will offer indulgences, and maybe go a bit easier on me?


In the spirit of going easy, I’m not putting much pressure on myself this year. Our family is on the cusp of expansion, and I have no idea how easily we’ll all adapt to that change. 


So, I’ve set my sights on some easier objectives. Chief amongst those is a new photo project. 


A photo a day in 2014. 


My objective is to capture our days, the beautiful ordinary, and keep a record of them for my future self to look back upon, nostalgically, and wonder how it all went so quickly. My aim is to focus on kid life, without necessarily taking portraits daily. Because goodness knows, a certain three year old wouldn’t stand for that. Instead, I’ll draw inspiration from lifestyle photographers like this one who’s a real hero of mine, and this Jakarta based lifestyle photographer who is also doing a photo project this year. I love the way each of these ladies captures the background moments and the tiny things that make our lives so beautiful. 


I have so enjoyed the 52 project that I completed last year (last year???!!!), and so I’m going to carry on with that, by incorporating it into this year’s more ambitious project.  


I’m not sure yet, how I’ll post this project. Maybe in a weekly wrap-up? Let’s see. 


Now, here’s the first image to kick things off. See, I told you I’d get some resistance.