Finding Maternity Clothes in Jakarta {Pregnant in Indonesia}

So, you know when you’re in the final weeks of pregnancy, and you’re outrageously enormous, nothing fits and that one, last maternity top that you’d been relying on since forever has basically just quit because, nope, can’t handle it? And you feel like a real asshole because you spent weeks 16 through 32 thinking you were rridiculously gigantic, but actually you were comparatively tiny, and why didn’t you just appreciate that time because here you are, for the eleventh straight day in leggings and a tee-shirt with 2 inches of underbelly peeking out?


Yeah. Hi. I’m having a fashion crisis.


I was aiming to get through pregnancy more comfortable and inspired. I told myself that this pregnancy I’d do a better job of, like, styling the bump <— (excuse me while I barf a bit, I hate that phrase.)  I was thinking something like this:



Help! I have a bump crisis.


1.445.455 IDR -









But alas, my miserly ways, and the dearth of nice maternity wear in Indonesia have conspired to make me a yoga pants preg. Again.


Indonesia is a great place in which to be a preg for many reasons (hello, cheap and wonderful prenatal massages!) Sadly, though, these perks do not extend to the maternity wardrobe. Most maternity fashion tends tent-like with bonkers crazy prints, which isn’t really what I’m going for when I’m already ginormous. 


So, imagine my delight when I discovered Maternity Exchange, a Singapore-based online shop (they have a brick and mortar store in Singapore) that specialises in maternity and nursing clothes, as well as some pretty essential baby items. They ship to Indonesia. And elsewhere within Asia, too! They also carry many foreign brands that I previously thought were just totally out of my geographical reach. 


(Aside: One strange by-product of being a pregnant expat is the insatiable yearning for all sorts of material goods that just happen to be unavailable in the country in which you live. This leads to lots of self-harmy online obsessive window shopping, passive aggressive heavy sighs as your husband walks into the room while you’re stalking yet another baby swaddling device, and the occasional crisis wherein you buy some extravagant something *totally necessary absolutely required for the baby* and then pay about triple the cost of said *can’t live without* item in shipping and customs fees. Yes?)


I ordered this little number, which has served me for all sorts of occasions big and small, and I’m thinking will just carry me right through the sartorially disastrous postpartum months, too. 


barefoot and pregnant. in jakarta. keeping it classy.

I ordered this dress off the Maternity Exchange website, and the process was seamless. (And I'm somewhat of an expert when it comes to internet shopping. Ask my husband.) Shipping was fast and efficient, (though the dress did get held up at customs, which can occasionally happen in Indonesia because gah! Pos Indonesia, come on you guys! Maternity Exchanged provided me with a tracking number which allowed me to trace the package easily. My experience is that a customs delay is more the exception rather than the norm. )


The dress was in my hands in no time though, ready to solve many a fashion crisis. (For example, what to wear for Christmas lunch? This dress. What to wear for New Year's Eve Dance Party with a three-year-old? This dress. What to wear to playgroup when nothing else fits? This dress.)


And now, basically, if I’m not wearing leggings and an ill-fitting t-shirt, I’m wearing this.


So, if you'll excuse me, I’m off to do some more “pretend shopping.” Today’s mission is to quell my colic anxiety by stalking swaddling devices. Pretty sure I might *accidentally* order a Woombie. Or a million.


Shop at and enjoy free shipping to Indonesia with orders S$300 and above!


(Disclosure: Maternity Exchange sent me a dress free of charge. All opinions are my own.)