Kid Life 365 {Week Five}


Thirty-four: Hugo day two. Is there anything better than watching your partner hold your baby? I think no. 

Thirty Five: Actually, okay, maybe watching your child hold your baby. We came home from the hospital after spending two nights there, and while getting out of the hospital was about as challenging as crossing the Sahara (more on that later, hopefully) it was so good to be home.

Thirty-six: Making time for big-kid cuddles. 

Thirty-seven: I basically can't take a picture of Stella without Hugo in the frame. Wherever he is, so is she. To say that she is thrilled with her new baby is a gross understatement. 

Thirty-eight: Sleep smiles. One of the many things I had forgotten about the newborn stage. And, PS, they are every bit as delightful the second time around.

Thirty-nine: Hugo's coard stump healed. We celebrated by offering him his first bath at home. It was a resounding success. We've got another water baby on our hands!

Fourty: Well, little Hugo Bear, you sure do look adorable when you're sucking your thumb. 


I'm slowly getting around to editing, processing, and filing my photographs from the first few weeks of Hugo's life. I've decided to take on two 365 projects; one for Stella and one for Hugo. I'll post a collection of each of them here, a highlight roll, so to speak. I intend to use my DSLR camera exclusively of this project, but let's be real, the first few weeks of newbornhood, when you're drifting in a hormonal haze of exhaustion, and your says are filled with poop, and spit-up, tears and mastitis, a certain degree of grace in the form of iPhone photos can be extended, right?

Also, I'm wondering if I might post pictures one-by-one rather than in a collection? Because then I might blog more than once a week, and might write thoughtful accompanying text? But I've already started it this wan and um, important decisions are haaaaard!! 



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