My best girl turned four. FOUR! I'll just join in the chorus of every other Mamalady blogger who ever put words to screen and say I can't believe she's four. Wasn't she born yesterday? Where does time go, etc etc.

Because really, nothing I could write in the space of a blog post could ever really encapsulate what this girl means to me. My whole world changed when I became her mum. She's my all and my everything, my heart beating outside my chest, my lovely lady with auburn curls and the deepest brown eyes. 

The other night while I was tending to some important Ice Cream Making Business (!!!) Hugo slipped out of his bouncy chair (perhaps because I hadn't done up the seatbelt, because of haste and the above mentioned ice cream business? But this is the high judgey court of the Internet, so I'll never tell.) Anyway, Stella noticed him slipping, ran straight to his side, and caught his head before it hit the marble floor. And that's just the kid of kid she is: observant, watchful, careful, loving, and always always ready to help her little brother. She's an amazing kid, this one. And I get to be her mum.



Newborn baby Stella in the NICU in Japan // Stella celebrates her first birthday by shoving cake into her face, which is really only reasonable // Stella celebrates her second birthday at Ohori park in Fukuoka, Japan // Stella's third birthday in a swanky hotel in Singapore // Stella's fourth birthday at our kitchen table, where she announced that the cake I had made was "not very yummy, it's crunchy and yucky." But then she ate it anyway, so.