Ten on Ten

I'm becoming more and more wedded to the idea of memory keeping. As Stella grows further away from babyhood it becomes increasingly apparent that those moments which felt so vital and central to my being, those "I'll remember this forever and for always" times that seemed as though seared into my brain, fade with time until I can hardly remember how old she was when she started laughing or how we passed the long afternoons together when she was not yet sitting, and still a little colicky.  

I love the idea of a Ten on Ten, a little visual peak into our day. I love the idea of looking back on these pictures four years from now and remembering the rhythm of our days, what it felt like to spend my time with these two little people on a June day when Stella was newly four years old and Hugo was just four months old. 

Inspired by Ronnie, her love of memory keeping, and and this great project, I'd like to put these pictures together in a book, with stories of our days and months, what our seasons looked like, and how it felt to live here, a young family together in Indonesia. 

And, um, apropos of nothing, I'm realizing how difficult it is, really, to take pictures of an infant when he's either in my arms, or tucked into his crib, and we alreay have a million sleeping Hugo pictures, so, sorry Second Child Syndrom? 

::One:: Brushing teeth, with a late start this the morning. And actually, it was about nine o'clock before I remebered that was ten on ten day.

::Two:: I'm undergoing a major closet re-org. Out with most, in with freshly dry-cleaned duds.

::Three:: A trip to the grocery store where Stella likes to "measure" the fruit "by my own". So, OKAY!

::Four:: I've started mandatory after lunch story time as a time to relax together and ensure we get our reading time in each day. So far it's going well. 

::Five:: An unexpected rain storm put the kibosh on our plans for a pool afternoon.

::Six:: Instead we played in the corridoor with the neighbour boy.

::Seven:: And then the sun came out after all. For a brief moment. It was thunder major time right after this.

::Eight:: Oh hi, Hugo. Sorry you have no photos.

::Nine:: Dinner in the day's last light.

::Ten:: With both kids asleep, it's time for me to eat dinner, do a little computer stuff. 

::BONUS!:: And head to bed too. GOODNIGHT! 

Happy Tenth!

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