Project Life ::: Week Twenty-One

// pink party preparations // playing shouting, a favorite in the late afternoons // celebratory champers //singapore skyline // ice cream sandwiches made with real bread // ice cream aftermath // first ever ice cream cone, soy ice cream, no less (what I wouldn't have given for this when I was diary free!!!) // 

So, we ate a lot of ice cream when we were in Singapore. In Singapore We basically ate a lot. Full stop. My kid was there less than 72 hours, and she learned how to spot a street-side ice cream vendor. Yikes. But also, totally worth it! 

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Project Life ::: Week Twenty

trying to put chaos into order in my girl's room // another tidy corner and nesting dolls from Japan // painting, always, but only red + white (because pink, obvs) // a fallen bloom // these trees blossom year round, a great joy // motorcycles parked by the hundred for car-free day // a monkey trying to steal my milkshake. 

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Project Life ::: Week Nineteen

For a week which I felt was full of work, and took me too often out of the house and away from my girl, these photos remind me that, maybe, actually, we had a great week together. Thanks, Internet. Thanks, blogging. You're a peach. 



top and pants c/o le petit society. free and fast shipping to Asia, btw!

//Stella's premature birthday celebration at school; time is dragging me kicking and screaming towards three // I stayed after snack time for a bit of parachute play and ball throwing, I mean, how could i resist? // swimming! by stel-wa self!!! // Saturday morning painting // the project goes up on the wall // an afternoon photoshoot gets rained out, and this girl is terrified of thunder. //


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As always, this porject was inspired by Pink Ronie, who is tops, btw. 

Project Life ::: Week Seventeen

I'm still a week behind in my project life. And perhaps also in life?'s a few moments from last week. Which, although not the most superawesomefuntimes of weeks (it rained a lot; Mr. Chef worked a lot; Stella tantrumed a lot; I used grown up words a lot), we still managed to extract some sweetness. 



this gargoyle* watches out over my room // post-nap tantrums // rainy afternoon keeps us indoors // a few of my favourites on the sill // Papi worked all weekend, so we made up for it with "special treats" in a cafe //


So, about the gargoyle. Last week we moved Stella into her own big bed in an attempt to encourage her to sleep the whole night through in her own room. Now, she is sleeping in her room, but not without company. At around 4 AM on the first night in her new bed, she sat up, looked at me, and asked "Mama, you go bye-bye in the lion's nose? The lion eat you, mama?" It was heartbreaking, poor thing. 


This gargoyle may or may not be the lion in question. But, whomever the culprit of her nighttime fear, she hasn't let it go. She still asks me, over a week later to confirm that I was not eaten by a lion. We've also got ourselves some lion spray to protect against nocturnal intruders (lion spray recipe >>> fill a spray bottle with water; add a few drops of tea tree oil; lions be gone).


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Project Life ::: Week sixteen

I'm playing a bit of catch up here on Project Life.

You see, despite these pretty pictures, in Actual Life I'm behind in just about everything, suffering major anxiety about emails I owe people, (if you're one of those, hi. And sorry) and projects that are languishing somewhere in the bowels of my hard drive. There's origami paper strewn all over the living room, a half-finished cake in teh kitchen, I've absconded my parenting duties, (here iPad, raise my kid!!), and I've just just endured what has been, essentially, a 12 hour tantrum. 

Anyway, in happier news, my blog freind and fellow photography novice / aspiring photography awesome Liz turned me on to some VSCO presets which, are like amazing. I'm still learning how to use them, so likely what follows looks like the digital scribbling of a click-happy seven-year-oldy, but whatever. I kind of totally feel like a grown up photography person, because, I dunno.

So, what this long pre-amble boils down to is that I took some photographs while we were in Bali. I'm only posting them now. And the rest of week fifteen will have to remain an enigma (spoiler: it rained a lot and I was exhausted.). 

beach view at nusa dua // beach baby // a bird hunting fish as we hunted breakfast pastries // thatched roofs had me at hello // Balinese dance on our last night on the island. 

As always, I tip my hat to Ronnie, my inspiration for this project. 

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project life: week fourteen: Sulawesi + bali

Alternate title: here are a million pictures of our vacation, most of them featuring the back of my child's head.

I was congratulating myself for having made so many images of subjects other than my child. But looking through these, I guess I don't really know what the fluffernutter I am talking about. 

I'm a bit behind on my Project Life sitch, which is mostly due to the fact that my vacation has left me totally and utterly exhausted. Too much fun can do that to a person. So can too may 4 AM wake ups, and too few moments spent alone, which for an introvert like me can result in some pretty major orneriness.  

Nevertheless, a great time was had by all. This kid of mine, she was a real star. After a few nights of pretty dramatic papi-separation-melancholia, she jumped right into the idea of being away from our normal routine, christening each new hotel in which we stayed with a new moniker: Bunaken Home, Tomohon Home, Bali Home, and then back to Jakarta Home. 

I guess that's the nature of expat childhood; you kind of learn that home is not a static place, rather it is where you are together with your family. 

Still, we're both trilled to be back in Jakarta home. Stella is dreaming about choo-choo rides with papi, and I'm thinking about consequential and far-reaching matters in homemaking. Like, OMG, totally want to make something with cream cheese frosting, and maybe I should buy a baking sheet, and lets talk about couches for ever and ever and ever, okay? 

Anyway, enough rambling. Here's what we were up to, two weeks ago. 







the discovery of a guitar at our hotel pretty much made her life // building sand castles and decorating them with coral // left the rainy beach for the rainy highlands // toddler style is inexplicable // jungle behind, ocean in front // an after lunch walk and the sun finally came out // the rim of a volcano // I've always dreamt of sleeping in a bed with mosquito netting. so romantic. (I shared it with my kid and her nanny / my friend. less romantic.) // fish at the market in Tomohon, which was so bonkers I've got to tell you about it one day. //

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Happy Sunday!

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Project Life ::: Week Fourteen



This week went by in a blink and a flash. I barely took out my camera, until we left town on Friday morning, and arrived in one of the most hyperbolically beautiful places in the history of the universe. Anyway, I thought it a good idea to get out the camera and maybe record some of the fun we're having. Here are a few snaps of our everyday life.

A hint of a project that's taking up all my time. // A statue greets us as we arrive in our little hut // leaves like umbrellas // shells in the morning. 


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Project Life ::: Week Thirteen

This week was a quiet one. Stella was out of school (unbeknownst to me it was spring break, so I showed up at drop-off Tuesday morning wondering why there were no cars lined up or gleeful shrieks filling the air) so, duh. The quiet of this week has allowed me a little space for stillness, which is so badly needed. I'm trying to gather up all my resources, temporal and mental, and make a push for something great.  








//I've banished Facebook and Instagram first thing in the morning, opting instead for tea, planning, and a corner of stillness // a porcelain xiao long bao, a treasure from China // brewing kefier // Stella and I have been having dinner dates, complete with music and "candies" // she wasn't supposed to swim, nor was her best friend, but, well, oops. // lunch in a garden restaurant with her favourite baby // ordering pizza, because, uh, duh? // crepe for mama // playing in the window.//


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Project Life ::: Week Twelve

Let's just wrap this week up, put a ribbon on it and call it done, shall we? I mean, it was kind of the pits. Anyone else with me on this?

In addition other generalized complaints about life and being a grown-up and stuff, poor Stella has been rocking a low-grade fever since Sunday night (a week of a feverish, totally bonkers, and overly-mucousy two-year-old! Excuse me while I clink my champagne flute and compliment myself on being totally fab.) I finally bit the bullet and brought this little imp into the doctor on Friday where it was proclaimed that she had tonsillitis. Blurg.

Today saw a drastic turn for the worse and a new diagnosis of middle ear infection! Baby's first otitis media!

Still, before we throw this week out with the bath water, let's just take a moment to remember the times that I wasn't covered with snot:


retail therapy brings me a new way to organize my bedside reading // jammies and The Sound of Music on the living room floor // a slight improvement in constitution allowed for us to attend performance week at ballet class (kind of regret it now) (don't regret it now) // this is what most of the week looked like // a happy surprise from Amy // post-doctor duck banh mi // great type.

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Project Life ::: Week Ten



story-time instead of nap-time // sunny afternoons and a quiet moment with a book // evening at the pool // baking muffins in the darkest of galley kitchens. 


Hey, all of you. A major major major thanks for the continued support. My little ol' blog has inched it's way into the top three spot on Tob Baby Blogs which totally blows my mind and makes my heart swell with more thank-yous than can fit inside. 


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Project Life ::: Week Eight

Let's relive my trip to the West Coast once more, shall we? 






beach plan in sand made of coral and shells // a dilapidated house in jungle light // looking at butterflies // riding on the same shoulder I once did // enjoying this book on the balcony // harbour // beach play, black sand // coral reef snorkeling here. 

Hey, eight, you sure were a week. 

Again, inspired by ronnie

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Project Life ::: Week Seven

Week seven. It started off moody, threatening to be an indignant, unpleasant week, all sickness and tantrums, and further (unending!) battles about the injustice of pants. But it ended with bubbles on the roof-top, so. We'll just call it a wash, shall we? 




moody, pant-less (not quite) baby // books in bed // playgroup bubbles // playgroup girls all in a circle/  making valentines cards




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Project Life ::: Week Six

Well, it appears that I'm behind, oh so behind, in my Project Life shenanigans. Does that surprise anyone? Didn't think so.

Week five, if I remember that far back, was rainy and punctuated by illnesses varied and sundry. My camera was forgotten in some dusty corner of my apartment. But, towards the end of the week, a sunny afternoon allowed a pool excursion. All in all, not to shabby.



afternoon sun made grapes glow // bubbles in the baby pool // post-pool lounging.


I've got a few Project Life posts to catch up on, and then we'll be all about our adventures into West Java. Highlights included barf! monitor lizards! bonkers sunburns! and some of the most amazing food I've had so far in Indonesia. So yes. Consider this a cliffhanger. Or something. 

Also, um, to anyone who's voted for my blog, here's a heartfelt thank you. Really. I came back from our vacation, a week off-line and discovered that we'd moved up six places and are now in the top 10 on Top Baby Blogs. This blows my mind. Your generosity and support really touch me. So thank you!!



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Project Life ::: Week Five

Well week five! FIVE! Already! Time. Clichés, et cetera.

In case you're wondering about my intentions with Project Life, I've finally come to a conclusion re. the Great Scrapbook Dilemma of 2013. Exciting, yes?? 

I walked into a scrapbooking store to buy some paper for Stellla's Valentine cards, and then kind of wanted to punch myself in the face. (Sorry scrapbookers, different strokes and stuff). So that decides it. Photo book it is. 

Anyway, here's what we were up to last week.






Afternoon Painting // Pool-side Bubbles // Pool-side Lounging // Pool-side Playing // Sunday Walk on Car-Free Day // Sunday Kitty Snuggling.

Project Life ::: Week Four

A sick week. Monday started off just fine, but by Tuesday, there were fevers, and tears, and tantrums, and refused naps, and a maneuver which I like to call "force sleep" wherein an exhausted and frustrated parent holds an over-tired, feverish, and super-pissed child still until that sick baby eventually closes her eyes and goes the funsicles to sleep. See? This is the result. 

As you can see, we didn't really leave the bedroom. 

Until we did. And by "we" I mean "she", and by "leave" I mean "escape into the hallway unbeknownst to her mother".

A glimpse into our life, the fourth week of 2013. Again, thanks for the inspiration, Pink Ronnie!


:::                            :::                            :::

We've really moved up the charts on Top Baby Blogs. I'd love to see this momentum continue!

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Project Life ::: Week Three

I like this little project life. It totally jives with my "Hey-you-you're-not-the-boss-of-me-you-don't-get-to-tell-me-what-to-do-and-when-to-do-it" ethos, which is a very roundabout way of telling you that I do not like structure. Hence week three going up at the end of week four. 

I'm still not sure, exactly, what format this project will finally take. I do want a tangible artifact to come out in the end, but will this be something that I make with my hands, or a book that I print out, I dunno. Anyway. Totally not important or interesting!!

Week three. What can I say. It was kind of a bifurcated mess. I started off Monday of week three wholly consumed with significant and totally consequential tasks such as eating nice food with nice friends and beautifying my apartment. And then Jakarta was hammered by a massive flood that left thousands of people homeless and cruelly cut short the lives of others.





Stella and I had lunch with some friends in this lovely restaurant. Open air, sate stands outside, doves haning out on the lawn. It was great. And I really loved this wall. 

The flood. Oh my. You can read more about it here. 

Of course we're lucky and we came out totally unscathed. A few days off school, a few days inside, but by and large no big deal. For most, however, it totally was a big deal. We had Stella's nanny, nanny's sister, and their friend staying with us for the better part of 10 days as their house was without power and water. So we made like a big family and cooked and ate together. I learned two new Indonesian dishes. They did not approve of my fried rice or my ability to include adequate chilli. 

We ended the week with a lunch with some of our across-the-street neighbours. Some much needed sunshine and cheer. 

That was our week. 



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Project Life: Week Two: Central Java

Well, this was a week. The kind of week where you want to take pictures of everything. Where you want to live every moment, and not forget a thing, not even the gecko sleepover, or the largest cockroach you've ever seen.

The second week of 2013, and we're already adventuring. Stella and I traveled together with Stella's nanny into Central Java, by train, bus, bicycle rickshaw, and pony cart. Not taxis, because they were out of a bit of price gouging (double! tipple Jakarta prices!!) and I mean, who would even consider a taxi when you could go by pony cart????

So here we are, our trip through Central Java. Expect follow-up posts about specific places we went, sights we visited, food we ate, and the lizards / snakes / spiders that we didn't scream (too loudly) about when we spotted them in the grass.

Central Java Train


>>>train view<<<
Train travel in Indonesia

 <<<boarding the train in jakarta>>>backpack awaiting departure>>>thrilled to be on a bike-rickshaw>>>

Traveling in Indonesia

 <<<<super sketch buss<<<with a door that didn't close>>>train station>>>mini bus>>>  


Pony Cart in Central Java

>>>pony cart<<<<

Village in Central Java

>>>village life<<<

Waterfall at Guci Central Java

>>>jungle waterfalls<<<

Guci Central Java 

>>>hot springs>>>


>>>more juggle waterfalls<<<

 >>>hiking. hugging.<<<

fields central java

>>>roadside view<<<

Indonesia Food

>>>food served on leaves<<<

 >>>pool fun<<<

>>>the best kind of restaurant. random. beautiful. private. gorgeous, fresh food.<<<

 >>>but according to my child, the best restaurant have a playground behind your table.<<<

>>>frolicking amidst ancient ruins<<< 

>>>photographs with an uncooperative toddler<<<

>>> Ancient wonder<<<

>>>night sky, as seen from the front of a bicycle-rickshaw<<<


Well, that's what we were up to last week. While I'm certainly enjoying staying (safe and dry) at home, I'm also itching to get out on the road again.

Remember I'm participating in a great group giveaway right now. Just a few more days to enter. Winner takes all. It's kind of a big deal. So, basically what I'm saying is enter. Please?