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Blue orange green{both images via color collective}

I have been thinking tropical thoughts. I'm all lightness and air, with dreams of mosquito nets and bright white light. I'm also dreaming of an apartment update, and vacillating between these two colour palates. Thoughts? (Ahem, I am totally aware that they're basically THE SAME with slight differces in intensity. But YOU GUYS, what if the Orange is too strong? Or the grey too dark? Or the green too minty. WHAT WILL I DO THEN??!?)

I've also been thinking about big cities, and traffic and hustle and bustle. If you have been too, watch this, from my former home, a place I loved, and hated and miss like crazy.

Perhaps the cutest bookends known to man from a store that I basically want to marry.

I have a daughter and therefore flower crowns will be made. Ohhhhh, come on summer, get here now.

I'm drooling over this wall art.

Here's some great advice to anyone wanting to start a blog. BTW, I followed none of it. Obviously.

I think I've said it before, but I have a major photo crush on Yan Palmer, and here she talks about her craft and her love of Instagram. PS, find me on Instragram, I'm @Expatria_Baby.

Oh, also I was featured on a little web roundup at Pocket Change

Okay...happy Monday to all. 

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I Just Can't Get You Out of My Head

Cute3Katelyn Mooney via deisgnlovefest

Oh, hey Internet. What's going on? Up in here, we had some potty training happening, but that all ended in a dramatic outbreak of refusal tantrums and a pox of the chicken variety. Yup. Miss Stella Bella has THE POX. So, you know what that means...I'll be simultaneously nursing my itchy baby and reassuring my other baby that, no, he is not getting chicken pox, and okay, fine I'll look at that bump one.more.time. and it's still not the pox...side-eye, Mr. Chef.

So anyway. Distraction! I need some. And let's face it, it's Monday, and who really wants to be doing BS work when they can be down an internet random hole. 

So, let's begin, shall we?

The cheek. Oh my. I can't get it outta my head. I am so inspired by amazing children's photography, and here you'll find some stunning images. When I grow up...

Speaking of lovely photos, here are some that make me want to go to Texas. 

Alberta is the Texas of Canada. I lived there for a while, I should know (and please disregard the fact that I have never actually been to Texas. The simile still stands). This photographer is documenting the realities of middle-aged Albertans. It's pretty moving stuff.

There's so much in this shop that I oh so love. Including this ring. And these earrings. And while we're imaginary shopping, I lovelovelove this scarf, and I don't know how I can go on living without this fender for my bike.

Hey, look, look, LOOK what can be done with an As Is find from Ikea. People are smart and stuff.

In my writing group, we always joke about how good ideas only come in the shower. It turns out that actually that's totally science. And this podcast about this book reveals all.

Speaking of my writing group, one member started a super awesome allergy cooking type blog. Not cooking things that give you allergies, but cooking without dairy and nuts and that sort of thing. Syntax. I has it good.

Finally, I made this for dinner the other night, Mr. Chef, who though appreciative of the fact that I put food in front of him, is generally hard to impress. But he said, "this is really good!" about a million times. So, count it yummy.

Okay, that is all. Wishing you the poxiest of Mondays!


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I Can't Get You Out of My Head

 {Source via here.}

I can't get summer out of my head. We've had sun, and breakfast on the balcony, and lovely, bright days at the park. And I want it to last forever. And ever. And ever.

Sundresses, then, are the answer. How bout this one for me. And this little one for my girl. Oh, wait, while we're at it, lets throw in this AMAZING bathing suit. Okay, thanks, imaginary shopping. 

Now, for a summer meal, here are some pretty images. Someone please transport me to a large, open room with soft white light and all my friends, okay? I'll cook. 

Speaking of pretty pretty light, this blog and this one are inspiring me so. The photography is just stunning. And my latest baby fashion obsession? This blog here. Lovely.

I've recently come across this blog about one family's experience with International adoption via Girl's Gone Child. If there were ever an example of thoughtful and intentional parenting, this post is it. Oh my heart.

Now, apropos of nothing, what if Downton Abby starred peeps? It would, obviously, be EVEN MORE AMAZING. But not quite as amazing as this video. Seriously. If you watch one thing this week, make it this. Things blowing up in slow mo. I think they've pretty much discovered the meaning of life.




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I Can't Get You Out of My Head



Design Love Fest is my current blog obsession. Light, fresh, airy, with lots of pretty pictures and full of beautiful, inspirational project ideas, which, for a dummy like, are totally executable.

Speaking of things bloggular, doesn't this course from another blog favourite of mine sound interesting?

Here's a sweet little blog that suggests it IS possible to be pregnant and totally rad. 

Also, I'm going to be wearing my jean jacket for the rest of time, thanks to this blog post

And wouldn't this, from one of my all-time fave Etsy shops just be the perfect for the jeaniest of jackets? And they have a kids shop too. So, I'm dying.

I'm obsessed with this song. So, basically, this all means that I'm a twenty-something hipster trapped in a mom body. Eff.

It's pretty much inevitable, you know, the progression from blog enthusiast to total digital geek, but I'm not convinced that I absolutly need to become a Photoshop ninja and therefore require a pen tablet. Obviously.

This wonderful little kids shop just opened. Oh, hello new love. And BTW, Stella wants you.

This is like the coolest shop ever. And I'll take one of theses for Stella Bella's room. And while were at it, one of these for me.


I really admire people who Montessori or waldorf or otherwise organize enriching activities for their kids, and organize their homes into tidy little child-friendly spaces. Me, I'm more of a oh-please-gawd-let-me-make-it-through-the-day kind of parent, but still. I like reading about what I could be doing for my kid. And then engaging in bit of self loathing. (PS how do they keep their perfectly kid friendly rooms from getting trashed?)


Davenport_0231{source. click through this link. i'm telling you. you'll be lost of days and days and days}

My newest portrate photography obession. Could you dream of a more beautiful collection of photographs? The light. Oh the light.

Also, so inspired by this photo blog. Man. I wish there were endless hours in the day so that I could do all the awesome things, like learn how to make images this pretty.

Speaking of beutiful things. Indulge my China obession a little bit and take a trip to Fenhuan. You won't be sorry.

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I Can't Get You Out of My Head

China is still on my mind. I saw an exhibition by in Shanghai, and I was particularly captivated by Haung Xiaolaing's work.  Brooding and shadowy. I loved it.

Huang xiaolang

Speaking of, my friend Greta who is super smart, fluent in Mandarin with a deep understanding of China having lived Shanghai for about five years, has written an interesting post about her reflections on the changes in the city that we both keep in our hearts.

Here are some captivating images of people wearing headcoverings. 

And now, for a change of pace, eff your re-purposed sewing machine from one of the most hilarious Tumblars in existence, Fuck Your Noguchi Coffee Table.

Speaking of hilarious, this is old, but it's from The Bloggess, so you know it's gold. And if you have anything to do with Japan, it's a must read.


And now for pretty things. Moment Junkie. Are you familiar? You should be. I'm really excited by this freshly newborn magazine. And, I'd like this doll, please. For Stella, you know. 

Everything in this shop is lovely. But I really want this pillow.

And I also want good posture and a tight yoga bum but without doing yoga. Maybe that's possible?

My friend is starting a great new meme called Wise Words Wednesday. She chooses a quote and then reflects upon it. Check it out. 


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I Can't Get You Out of My Head

I came across some images by German photographer Michael Wolf while I was in Shanghai. He captures everything I love about big cities in Asia, and now I'm captivated. 

Michael wolf night8

(Image credit Michael Wolf.)

Speaking of Shanghai, Emily introduced me to this blog, Life on Nanchang Lu. And I'd happily get lost in it for hours. She also pointed me to Post Secret. And while I know that I'm late to the party, it is now a Sunday obsession. 

And while we're on the subject of the arts, I'm having a aural love affair with Steve Reich.

Oh, right. Now on to the serious stuff. I'm in love with this necklace from this store. And while you're there, I'll also take one of these, and these, and this. Stella will take this. And this. Why not.  


Image source.

I'll saw these shoes, and promptly began obsessing over them. Although the inevitable purchase will be made, I will spend the next six weeks telling myself that I'll be good and refrain, yet checking the site daily, you know, just because.


Image source

I want these suitcases for Stella's room. And, well, everything in the store is pretty sweet. I may have my eye on a few pillows for myself. I may be a grown up, but that doesn't mean that I don't enjoy wimsey!


Image source.

Also, Ikat. Please. 


Image source.

My FIRL (friend in real life) has just started a wonderful blog documenting her unconventional start in mothering. And my FOTI (friend on the internet) is running a series on marriage, and her first post is, like, totally spot on. Very wise. Finally, my FIAWG (friend in a writing group) also just started a blog about running and motherhood. If anyone could help me find the time to run it's this amazing woman, who has an amazing career, does a million things all while raising two girls and being super savvy and fab. Oh, and in a crazy turn of coincidence, we met in a writing class online (FIAWG), but it turns out we lived in the same apartment complex in Shanghai. In THE SAME BUILDING!!! At the same time. If that doesn't convince you to read her blog, than you have no faith in the joy of serendipity. 

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