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It's Looking Hella Christmas 'Round These Parts {Wordless Wednesday}

This is the first year that Mr. Chef and I have gotten our acts together and put up a Christmas tree. Well, except for that one random year in Shanghai when we made my sister, who was fresh of the airplane and visiting us for the holidays, run around town in search of a Christmas tree while I was at work. Christmas trees pretty much didn't exist in China back then. Christmas miracle of Christmas miracles, not only did she make it back to the apartment by herself, she also came back with a random cyprus tree hacked off halfway down it's trunk and we fashioned a tree stand out of a coke bottle. We didn't have decorations. Or lights. Well, we did, actually, for a moment  have lights, as my mother had sent some along with my sister. But we fried them to smithereens when we plugged them in, not thinking about the voltage difference because we're dumdums. It was all a bit low rent, but also awesome. Anyway, this year, we're being grown ups.








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Cranberry Sauce With Cinnamon, Port and Cherries

Thanksgiving is in the US is major. As with most things northern, Canadian Thanksgiving is a quieter, more understated affair. A quaint little family holiday, with turkey of course, but no candied yams or or marshmallows or daytime meals. Canadians spend Thanksgiving day, which is in October, btw, in the kitchen, cooking, roasting and baking and then break bread together as a thankful family. While entirely enjoyable and even eagerly anticipated as a celebration of thankfulness and family, Canadian thanksgiving carries much less cultural significance than it’s American counterpart. It is not a harbinger of the coming season; it is not a shopping fiesta, and I doubt that many Canadians would count Thanksgiving as their favorite holiday.


I’m becoming more and more acquainted with with American ways and means, and I must admit that I’m developing a certain fondness for American Thanksgiving. I love that for many Americans it carries the weight of Christmas without the pressure of and excess gifts.


I’ll be spending this Thanksgiving in the air, but we celebrated last weekend. With family, friends, conversation, and cranberry sauce. I’ve always liked cranberry sauce more than the actual meal. Probably because it’s full of sugar and I have the sophisticated palate of a five-year old

  Cranberry Sauce

Anyway. The sauce. I made it. And it was delish.


Here’s the recipe.


1 cup port

2 cinnamon sticks

12 oz cranberries

1 cup dried cherries

3/4 cup water

1/2 cup sugar (or to taste)


Here’s what you do:


In a saucepan heat the port to a low simmer. Add the cinnamon sticks, and simmer for maybe 5 minutes. Add the dried cherries, and cook until soft on medium low, probably about 3 minutes. Add the rest of the ingredients, raise heat to medium and bring to a boil. Then reduce heat to a simmer, and cook for about 20 minutes. Take out the cinnamon sticks about half way through the cooking time. Reserve for a garnish, if you’d like. 

Decant the cranberry sauce into a serving dish, cool, and voila! Yum yum. 

  Cinnamon, Port, and Cherry Cranberry Sauce

Although this post is pretty much the opposite of wordless, I’m linking up anyway for wordless Wednesday at my usual hangouts. The Paper Mama. And Then, She SnappedLive and Love Out Loud.


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Us {Wordless Wednesday}

On the weekend, we went to the beach. We were showing some friends from Tokyo the highlights of our small town coastal life. The skies threatened to rain, but didn't. We ate pizza and remembered what it was like to hang out with friends. I miss that. So much.






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Housebound {Wordless Wednesday}

We staged a revolution today. We didn't leave the house. Not once. And it was glorious. 








{PS: These photos are not, strictly speaking, from today. I was to lazy to even lift my camera. I did edit them today, if that counts. However, they are indicative of how we did actually spend our day.}

{PPS: Japanese apartments have terrible light. Gha. Noise noise noise. Top priorities as we look for housing in our next posting: double glazed windows and good, picture pretty light. Serious.}


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and then, she {snapped}



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Remember {Wordless Wednesday}

For about ten or twelve days, things were hard. I trudged through the days, toddler wails filling our small apartment, the only relief was nursing. But you can’t do that 100 percent of the time. 


 And just when I thought, I can’t take this any more! I looked down, saw Stella’s mouth full of blood, and a new tooth had just erupted.

The poor wee thing had been suffering and all I could think was, please stop whining and let me wash the dishes.


Stella is, typically a wonderful baby. Episodes like this are infrequent, and are ALWAYS harbingers of impending illness or of teething pain. It’s hard to keep this in mind, though, when you’re in the thick of things. I hope that I can remember the sweetness the next time our apartment is flooded with wails, whines, and tiny toddler rage. 

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The Paper Mama

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Wordless Wednesday (First Colouring)

After reading this post by Wunderblogger Ryan at Pacing the Panic Room, I was inspired by the idea of precious first attempts. And while my photography skills pale in comparison to his, Stella picked up some crayons to colour for the first time and I thought - hey, precious firsts. And so, for Wordless Wednesday, here's Stella colouring with crayons for the first time. 











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