Let's Shake on it!

An unconventional family photography portrait of a young boy with two elderly ladies in a back street in Shanghai by Kuala Lumpur Based photographer Erica Knecht

These points just help us to be clear about the process. Because clarity is important!


Please indicate the type of shoot we've agreed to. NB any applicable discount agreed on by the PHOTOGRAPHER and the CLIENT via Email or What'sApp communication will be applied.
Please list anyone to be included in the shoot here. Include ages of the children please. Also, if anyone is NOT to be photographed, please mention it here.
This agreement contains the entire undersatnding between the CLIENT and the PHOTOGRAPHER. The only way to change this agreement is to do so in writing BY EMAIL. If parties agree to waive one or more provisions of the agreement, all other provisions remain in tact.
THE PHOTOGRAPHER will take pictures of THE CLIENT during the photo session. Within four weeks of the event, THE PHOTOGRAPHER will provide the CLIENT with an online web gallery of images numbering according to the shoot type indicated. The CLIENT will download the images from the online gallery. The CLIENT will receive the images in High- and low-resolution. The web gallery will remain online for a limited period of time as defined by the shoot type. Requests to re-upload images after they have been removed from the gallery will be subject to a small admin fee. THE CLIENT is responsible for saving and archiving and backing up their images in three distinct locations. The PHOTOGRAPHER does not keep a full archive of all images and may delete images that are no longer displayed on the gallery. THE CLIENT will receive limited use rights to the images. The CLIENT is free to display the images on the web for non-commercial purposes. The client may print the images an unlimited number of times provided that the prints are used for non-commercial use. The CLIENT will not alter or change the images in any way, such as applying filters. The PHOTOGRAPHER retains copyright. The images included in the gallery will be selected at THE PHOTOGRAPHER’S discretion. The images will be colour corrected and lightly retouched at THE PHOTOGRAPHER’S discretion according to THE PHOTOGRAPHER’S artistic vision. The PHOTOGRAPHER will retouch temporary blemishes such as pimples, scratches, bruises (at the photographer's discretion). The Photographer will not alter body size or shape or, hair, facial appearance or any other permanent physical feature. Additional colour correction, black and white conversion, or retouching at THE CLIENT’S request will be agreed upon at the discretion of THE PHOTOGRAPHER will be subject to additional fees. THE CLIENT is responsible for all location fees and permits.
A non-refundable retainer of 200 MYR is required to book this session. No date shall be reserved until the retainer is paid. The retainer is non-refundable. In the event of a cancelation, the retainer paid is non-refundable.
The balance of the complete package price is due on or before the date of the event.
THE CLIENT may cancel the event without penalty up to seven (7) days prior to the event. Cancelation must be made in writing via Email. In the event that THE CLIENT must cancel the event due to illness, THE PHOTOGRAPHER agrees to make a reasonable attempt to reschedule the shoot. If no alternative date is possible, the CLIENT forfeits the retainer.
THE CLIENT and THE PHOTOGRAPHER agree to cheerful cooperation and communication during the course of this agreement. THE PHOTOGRAPHER can not be held responsible for requested photographs not taken or missed, lack of coverage due to weather conditions, background, lighting conditions, or the noncooperation of subjects. THE PHOTOGRAPHER is not responsible for missed photographs resultant from lateness of THE CLIENT. The PHOTOGRAPHER will direct the session.
THE PHOTOGRAPHER retains world-wide copyright to all products produced. The product shall remain with THE PHOTOGRAPHER until THE CLIENT has paid all fees in full. THE CLIENT accepts limited usage rites to the images. THE CLIENT shall not alter, crop, apply a filter, or in any way change the imaged delivered by THE PHOTOGRAPHER. The CLIENT may print, display, and use the images for non-commercial use. The images may not be used for advertising or profit. In the event that THE CLIENT posts the images online, THE CLIENT must acknowledge images as made by THE PHOTOGRAPHER.
The images are created and edited solely at THE PHOTOGRAPHER’S discretion. Delivered images will not include all images shot. The PHOTOGRAPHER will edit and release only those images that meet the PHOTOGRAPHER’S professional quality standards and artistic vision. THE PHOTOGRAPHER will not release RAW or unedited files.
In the event the THE PHOTOGRAPHER can not preform her duties under this Agreement due to fire, casualty, stroke, civil disturbances, Acts of God, or other causes beyond the control of both parties, then THE PHOTOGRAPHER will return all fees paid by the client. THE PHOTOGRAPHER shall have no further liability under this agreement.
This is a contract for personal photography services to be provided by THE PHOTOGRAPHER. The parties agree to the above terms and conditions. The Parties both acknowledge that they have received, read, and understood THE PHOTOGRAPHER’S current pricing and terms.