And now for some awkward small talk...

A picture of a mother and a father smiling with a little boy on the father's shoulders.

I have a few questions for you..

Before we work together, I like to get a little picture of who you are and what sort of images we're going to be making. Here's a few questions to help me get to know you.

Like, we are the ____ family.
Please give a detailed address!
tell me the names of everyone in the shoot, their relationship to you, and the ages of the kids. i'll let you keep your age a secret if you like ;)
please tell me the shoot location, a little about this location and why it's important to you, and the meeting point, if different from above.
no. really. tell me. not just your nationality, you jobs, your hobbies. tell me what you love, what moves you, what inspires you. tell me who you are.
what are your kids like? what are they into? what are they doing that's interesting / remarkable / heartbreakingly beautiful at this stage? what sort of jokes do they like? what makes them laugh?
if so, tell me about him / her / them. i knda wanna know your love story. where did you meet? what do you love about them? what do you love about they way they are with your kids?
for example, if we’re shooting at home on a weekend morning, tell me what that looks like for you guys, and your favourite bits, and why you love it. if we’re taking a walk in your neighbourhood, tell me how that goes. are there any special places that you normally stop at? any specific characters that you usually encounter?
is it funny?
This can be with your partner or with your kids?
you can tell me here!