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“a portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2017.”

Stella: You finally lost your front tooth. It came out while you were eating your bread at breakfast. And thank goodness. The daily tooth drama was getting kinda old. That, and also you have managed to look even more adorable with that gap mouthed gummy smile. 

Hugo: You love to play this game called “Pretend You Don’t Know Me and I am Big.” When we are out and walking around our apartment complex, you ask to play, and I’m required to walk several paces behind you, while imagining that you are a big kid, able to navigate the world without a parent by his side (and preferably also without a winter jacket.)

Lyra: You’ve started to figure out your appendages. You love to spend time sitting in my lap, my legs tucked up, you reclined against my knees. You started to realise, in this position, that there were these things below you that you could control with your mind. And so, you sit for ages, moving your toes against my tummy, your lips forming an O of concentration, kicking your legs, trying to figure out how this all works.