Rainy Days

Rainy Days3.jpg

I’d nearly forgotten the sound of fat tropical raindrops pelting the side of our building. It sounds almost like hail, sharp and tinny. 


It hadn’t rained here for weeks. Day after day, clear blue sky and afternoons at the pool. But lately, the air has been heavy and the winds come up in the late afternoon. Rainy season is around the corner. 


I love these warm sun drenched pool days. But lately, I’ve been craving a rainy afternoon. I want to put on a sweater, pretend it is autumn, and sit out under a porch roof with a book on my lap. 


The other night, the sky broke after the sun went down. I sat in my room, putting my baby to bed, listening to the rain, and remembering how much I love that sound. Those thick wet raindrops slapping at the side of our window, us under a sturdy roof, safe and dry inside.