"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2014."

I still get such a rush out of writing "children". 

Stella: She's never been much of a "Me do it!" kind of kid, but all of a sudden, now that she's a big sister, she puts on her own socks. (Also, triple stripes 4 lyfe!)

Hugo: He fell asleep during Stella's swim lesson, and well, I couldn't resist. 

After two weeks of rest, we're preparing to ease back into real life next week. Mr. Chef is going back to work, so home cooked meals and days spent recovering in bed will give way to school runs and a bedtime juggling act. I'm a bit nervous about this transition, truth be told. I don't expect it to be easy, but we'll figure it out. Eventually.  


Because babies are basically all I can think about these days, here are some fresh ones: my friend TOI welcomed her baby boy. And isn't he sweet?

Here's an other brand new  baby boy

And one more delicious new baby. Has there been a bloggy baby boom or what?

And just look at this image. Minimalist, moody, tender. 

As always, thanks to the lovely Jodi for inspiring this project and bringing so many lovely new blogs into my world.

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