"a portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2014."


Stella: Dancing in Old Town with a paper streamer bought from a street vendor, which is perhaps the best 30 cents I've ever spent.

Hugo: Oblivious to the crowd gathered to snap pictures of this very young foreign baby.

Last weekend I took my mum and the kids (the kids!!!???? who am I? a grown up???) to old town Jakarta. This is such a wonderful outting for a Sunday morning. So wonderful, in fact, that I may even devote a whole blog post to it. Maybe. If I can ever find my way back to my computer.

(Oh, and PS, I must admit that I totally ripped the composition for Hugo's portrait right from the viewfinder of my good friend Becks, who is currently exibiting a work of beautiful photographs entitled Ladies of Jakarta. Obviously she executed it much better than I.)


It appears as though I've gone more than a week without blogging. Huh? Lest you get any ideas that I've been spending my blogging time being otherwise a responsible and productive adult, let me assure you that I may have cooked dinner once in the past seven days, my house is a total tip, and my inbox is about to self destruct.

Instead of taking care of real grown up things, I've been prioritizing sleep, baby snuggles, big kid play time, spending time with my mum and getting out doors as much as possible. Which I think indicates excellent life choices, no?

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