"a portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2014."

Stella: One pouting.

Hugo: One smiling.


Stella got hit by a massive virus this week. I only realized how bad it was until after the fact because this kid! She just goesgoesgoes overdrive x infinity when she's sick. 

I was recovering from wisdom teeth surgery (which I thought would be an easy two day affair, but turned out to be ongoing lo these ten days later. And PS, I may or may not have cried in the dentist's office yesterday when I had some of my stitches removed.) Anyway, this sad state of affairs coincided with a preschooler-lead attempt at a coup d'etat, a series of NO! NO! NO! a, collection of shouty mummy moments, and a crisis of conscious re how I raise my children poor behaviour is a harbinger of doom and woe what will become of us all etc. etc. etc.

I really do hope that one of these days I remember to remind myself that a sick kid is not a well behaved one and a over-tired, sore mother is not a patient one. And that these sick, shouty days do end. Life returns to normal. We rediscover equilibrium, such as it exists. 

(Oh, and Hugo? He was his normal, charming self despite a very congested nose and two nights of minimal sleep. But fear not, your day of rebellion and boundary pushing will come, Hugo M. Bear. But until then, I'm sure enjoying your sweet disposition and easy compliance!) 


Some favourites from last week include these sweet little sibs (and, PS, it appears as though Kate and I share similar feelings re. our youngest children); these portraits in green and gold; this freckle-faced sunflare gem of prefection; and this one just knocked the socks right off my feet. Can you believe how talented some people are????

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