I have the best of intentions. I do. I keep meaning to come back here, post pictures and write about our life as a foursome. 


But things keep getting in the way. I wake up with a kitchen full of ants, and have to relocate the pantry to the dining room table. Then there are traffic jams, forgotten parent-teacher interviews, two sick kids, an endless parade of doctor’s appointments, and phone calls to organise a doctor’s appointment in Singapore. 


But sometimes I’ve been kept away by milky cuddles on the couch; an afternoon nap with a baby in the crook of my arm; late afternoons by the pool while the light casts long, lazy shadows; a gaggle of children, running and shrieking with glee, finally let outdoors as months of rain clouds lift.  

These days my nights are short, and my daytime hours slip away before I notice they’re gone. Life is chaos, my house is messy, but our days are just golden.