"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Stella: This week she's been all about the pool. Her confidence is growing, and she can finally really get her facewet, and can leap* off the edge into her Papi's arms.

Hugo: Mostly I see him like this: the top of his head as he faces out on my lap, examining the world around him. I always feel like he looks strange when I see him in someone else's arms, it's such an unfamiliar sight.

*When I say "leap" I mean more sit on the edge and sort of jump tentatively, as long as Papi isn't too far away. This child is nothing if not sensible and totally cautious.



Technically, this isn't from last week, but two weeks ago, still, one of my favourite bloggers, Ronnie, is joining in with the 52 project. She's a real source of inspiration, and an expert at memory keeping. I encourage you to go have a look. 

Joining up with Jodi.