"a portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2014."

Happy and sad portraits this week. When in actuality the emotional tone for the week was somewhat reversed.



Stella: We were running from playdate to playdate to birthday party to playdate. Being busy and engaged with other kids is when she's at her best.

Hugo: Had his four month injections this week, and oh boy was he ever sad. And then he was hit with a cold virus which disturbed his sleep and oh boy was I ever sad.



I found this floral print at the fabric market and though huh, yes, must photograph. I wanted to capture both kids against this backdrop, but poor Hugo was feeling poorly because of his four month injections, and then it was off to the tailor with this cloth to be made into (what I hope will be) the world's most bad-ass jumpsuit. Because jumpsuits are basically onsies for adults and I can really get behind a no-brains dressing. And no, for the record, florals and bad-assery are not mutually exclusive concepts, so jumpsuits 4 lyf.

I really enjoyed these stony beach portraits from last week. Workhouse blog is one of the great ones that I've been so glad to discover via this project.

Thanks, Jodi for hosting. And also a lovely new linkup with Living Arrows.