"a portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2014."

Stella: Wishing that the weather were better so we could go swimming. When it comes to the weather we're totally Indonesian: 28 degrees C is too "cold" to swim. She asks to go to the pool every day. She wants to know when we're leaving on our holiday. She loves to go into the hallway to "see cars" and watch the traffic in the roundabout. She loves her brother and will watch him attentively while I'm in the shower, singing him songs and replacing his dummy when it falls out. She thinks she can speak Japanese (she can not). She ends just about every sentence with, "right, mummy?" And she's about the sweetest girl ever ever ever. 

Hugo: He can now officially, totally, completly sit up. He loves playing with his sister, and lights up so bright when he sees her. He gets the giggles when he's tired. He laughs when you throw him in the air. Whenever we're near water, he wants to be in it. He blows out his diaper every single morning. Without fail. And he's about the sweetest baby you ever did know.

From last week, I loved the dramatic light in this picture of Eve; the little knit cap on baby Saxon; and the sweetest sibling moment between Lucas and his sister

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