Puppy Day

This weekend we drove into rural Michigan to pick up a puppy. We drove along winding roads, under tunnels of deciduous green, passed big red barns, and fields of cattle to meet our new puppy friend.

Ms. Perriwinkle was waiting for us in what was, perhaps, the most adorable rural michigan kitchen ever ever. I mean jakalope antlers. That's all you need to know about that. 

(A note on the name. Our former dog, Chloe, who succumbed to kidney failure early this year, was christened Perry by my then three-year-old. And so, my mum, whom it must be noted, is the actual owner of the dog, decided that this pup should actually be called Perry. Of course, Stella immediately started calling the dog Rudy, because duh.) 

Not everyone in our camp was excited about the dog. My mum and I, both card carrying dog people, were thrilledto bring this guy home. Stella spent a good amount of time hiding in the car, and she kept shrieking whenever the pup came close to her. My dad drove us with a face so long, I was unsure of whether or not he were leading a caravan towards his own execution. The two of those puppy poopers spent a good deal of time bonding over their shared scene of misfortune and woe. 

(Stella has since come around to the idea of the dog. Although she can regularly be heard uttering, "I want Perry to be died," she does enjoy running around the lawn with the dog and laughing at her puppy antics. My dad, on the other hand, remains certain that puppy = doom.)

Perry is a pretty great little pup. She likes to play tag, chanse after toys, go on walks, and take long naps in Hugo's car seat. Although there was that one time where we were looking for the house phone only to discover that she had hidden it in the garden, so maybe she's downgraded to a pretty good pup? 

Anyway, pictures here! Enjoy!

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