"a portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2014."

Stella: Missing her brother, and presumably also her mother (but mostly her brother.) She's not allowed to visit us, so we talk twice a day by FaceTime.

Hugo: A poor, sick, feverish baby. 

We've spent the greater part of this week nursing a sick baby. Doctor's offices, the Emergency Room, and now, the Children's Ward, have been where we've passed most of our time. Poor Hugo Bear has some sort of unidentified illness that kept his temperature up around the 40 degree mark for about four or five days. He was really dehydrated, sick, and very unhappy.

Although this has been a difficult experience, there is some good news. Hugo, while not back to his normal self, is feeling better. His temperature is within the normal range and he is keeping all of his feeds down. And, I can tell you I'm beyond thankful that he fell sick while we were in America. He's at one of the world's best children's hospitals, being cared for by a team of excellent doctors. And I'm so glad that on top of the stress of a sick kid and navigating hospital life, I don't have to deal with cultural and language barriers that I'd face if this happened in Jakarta.

We're going to be here at the hospital until at least Monday, and perhaps a bit beyond until we have a better picture of what is wrong with this poor bear, and how we can help him feel better.  

I have a few thoughts on this hospital experience, and maybe I'll find some quiet moments to write about them. But, well, quiet moments are a bit hard to come by in a hospital.