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"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Stella: Burning up energy before  a long flight home.

Hugo: Super stoked about grass. And fresh air. And being outside. 

We spent the last day of our holiday in Zurich, killing time before our midnight flight. I do enjoy a good overnight flight, especially when traveling with kids, as they're more prone to sleeping, which means parents are less prone to going insane. But that final day of vacation, when you've already checked out of the hotel, and it's 11 long hours before that flight departs, well that's always a bit of a pickle. 

We chose to wile away those long hours wandering the streets of downtown Zurich, eating sausages, and then doing a whole lot of nothing in the park by the Zurich See, while having a thousand conversations starting with the phrase, "why don't we live here, exactly?"

It was a solid choice, really; a good strategy for our final day. But I will say that perhaps the skies were a little too blue, and the breeze just a little too fresh, and the inevitable ice cream a little too delicious, for they all made saying good bye just that much harder. Until next time, Switzerland. Until next time.