ten on ten {january}


// Saturday January 10, 2015 //

It usually takes us some time before we get moving in the morning, and Hugo is hardly ever dressed before eight am.

When I finally did get him changed, bathed, and dressed, he refused to go down for a nap. This caused me a temporary doom spiral as I remembered how much I struggled with sleep when Stella was a baby, spending hours upon hours amidst the chaos of early parenthood rocking her to sleep only to eek out a 20 minute nap. I handed the responsibility of Hugo's naptime to his Papi and snuggled under the sheets with Stella and the iPad for a while. 

Rather than wait around at home for Hugo to be done napping, Stella and I went off by ourselves to a birthday party. Which was a good thing too, because Mr. Bear decided on a three hour nap. There was a pinata, which was a highlight for Stella because confetti, and a major highlight for be, because the birthday boy's grandparents were visiting from Canada and they bought bags and bags of mini canadian chocolate bars, and I sent my kid into the fray in search of crispy crunch. She did not disappoint.  

Right before we were about to leave, Stella who hates anything sticky or dirty, decided finally that she'd like a tattoo. She requested a police princess. What she got was an incredibly busty police woman, so maybe something was lost in translation? 

At home, Mr. Chef took Hugo out for a walk while Stella and I watched a Miyazaki film that we'd borrowed from a friend. I LOVE Hayao Miyazaki. I saw a (real!) boxset of his films at our regular dodgy DVD place, and I'm thinking that we need to invest in that.

When the boys finally came home, the kids and I went outside while Mr. Chef stayed home to bake our Sunday bread. We hung out on the bali beds, threw a lot of toys around, got eaten alive by mosquitoes (which are terrible at the moment), and tried to play "tiny baby birds" on the grass. A certain baby, however, thought that grass was TOTALLY THE WORST and so that got abandoned in favour of eating in the pool restaurant. 

It was a good day.