Hugo Ten Months


Hugo is juuuuuust about to turn one (which, I just can't even with the time passing, etc.) so, now must be a good time for his ten month update, yes? Also, maybe someone can plan this baby's birthday party, because uhhhhh, that's right around the corner. Anyway, here goes.


Hugo’s about ten and a half kg now. At ten months he’s got one tooth, on the bottom right.


Mamamamama, which I’m fairly certain means me. Or, at least that’s what I’m telling myself.


Hugo’s figuring out how to climb stairs, and he LOVES IT. On Christmas Eve we went down to the lobby to watch a children’s choir, and he spent the majority of the evening going up the stairs, and being returned to the bottom again, much to his dismay. He gets seriously frustrated when he’s not allowed to climb.

Speaking of frustrations, Hugo’s learning that he can throw a fit and that by doing so, he might just influence the people around him. He and Stella had their first real fight over toys. They were playing magformers, she took some, he wanted them, and a few baby fists were thrown around, and both of them ended up screaming at me. 


Hugo’s now a total pro at pulling himself up to standing.  He’s also mastered stacking toys, and can thread his blocks onto their dowels. He loves nothing more than stacking thing, or putting things into things. Give this kid a box and he’ll fill it with blocks, empty it, and start all over again. He does have remarkable hand eye coordination, as is evidenced by the accuracy with which he can throw his toys around. He can roll and catch a ball and is excellent at throwing food from his plate onto his sister’s.


Favourite toys fall into three categories: anything that stacks (stacking rings, cups, blocks, etc); anything that belongs to Stella (notably her duplo and her cars); and anything that’s off limits (the computer *baby fists, smash! smash! smash!!*, the iPad, my phone, my wallet, the garbage can, power cords, and various other dangerous items). However, when busy with his stuff, he’s got an incredible attention span, and can keep himself busy for like 20 minutes at a time.


At nine months, Hugo finally figured out forward momentum. That was a pretty long time coming. I feel like he spent an eternity on his hands and legs, rocking back and forth, being super pissed that he couldn’t run around with the big kids. Now at ten months he’s pretty proficient on four limbs, and often sneaks out of the apartment and into the neighbour’s place. 


Hugo loves oranges, berries, dragon fruit, and other sour, acidic things. We just discovered that this kid is a major carnivore. I gave him a slice of prime roast, and he ate the whole things. 

Most often he eats nasi putih (white rice), scrambled eggs, steamed veggies, and avocados. Tomatoes give him a rash, fyi, because that’s fascinating for you to know.


A bit better? He wakes a minimum of twice a night. Sometimes more. But at least he’s sleeping later than five am, most days. He takes two naps, although the second one is almost always in his stroller, otherwise it won’t happen. He doesn’t use his pacifier at night any more. He snuggles his little blankie at night time, which is totally the cutest. 


Being naughty. Nothing brings this kid more pleasure than hearing HUGO NooooOOOOOooo, and then RUNNING (insofar as crawling baby can run) towards whatever is forbidden (usually power cords, my hand bag, or the edge of the bed.)


Having his toys taken away from him; teething; when his sister won’t let him have whatever she’s playing with; being forced to take an afternoon nap in his bed; having his diaper changed; being removed from the bath.


As much as I make fun of Hugo’s naughty streak, I really kind of love it? I find him quite hilarious, and naughty in a good natured, bright eyed kind of way. He’s really a lovely baby, this Hugo Bear.