In 2014 I undertook about a million photography projects. I did two Project 52s, annnnnnnd two 365s, one for each kids. Against all odds (i.e. a newborn, zero organisational skills, and a personal propensity towards sloth) I've completed these projects. I finally have Stella's 365 up, and I hope to have Hugo's done by the end of February. (Or at least, sometime before he's two.) 

The project is not technically complete. There are some holes (notably from when I was in the hospital and away from Stella), and some pictures taken with my phone, but still. I did it.  

I'm so glad I completed these projects. I'm just so pleased that I have a record of this year in our lives, the year we made an epic trip around the world, the year Hugo was in the hospital twincel the year Stella started kindergarten, the year we spent playing police and princesses, the year we became a foursome.

You can see Stella's 365 here. And the beginnings of this year's project here