10 Hours in Hong Kong

So, you know I've been traveling, right? Alone! Without kids! I was on the way to San Fransisco and, juuuust as I was leaving for the airport, I realised that, oooooh crap, I have an eight hour layover in Hong Kong. Because life skills and planning are obviously my strong suit.

I wasn't sure what I should do with this time. I mean, I was coming off a red eye, it was like six in the morning, and I didn't know if I'd have the wherewithal or the organisational skills to get into the city (see above re. life skills). 


But it turns out, that even super tired me can handle a layover in Hong Kong. I stored my carry on luggage at the airport, caught the Airport Express train into the city, and in what can only be described as a christmas miracle, even managed to figure out the subway system.


My itinerary was almost entirely created by my internet friend who saw my plea for suggestions on Facebook. She suggested that I explore Kennedy Town, so I did just that.


Kennedy Town is a lovely neighbourhood situated right on the water, with some of the only undeveloped waterfront left in the city. There are tones of restaurants and lots of cool looking apartment blocks. Here's a good roundup of where to eat in the neighbourhood. Kennedy Town has a laid-back university vibe, and feels more local and, like, real life, than a lot of the rest of the city. 


I stepped out of the subway in the super early morning to grey, misty skies (and if I were smart, I would have bought an umbrella from the umbrella vending machine at the entrance to the station, but I am not smart so you know where this tale leads….) 


When the inertial torrential downpour happened, I nipped into the closest noodle shop for some breakfast. Next up: coffee. Cofftea is a super cute corner coffee bar that does EXCELLENT coffee. There are like two seats in this place, so in a perfect world you’d get a coffee to go and take a walk along the waterfront which is just a block away. However, in my case rain + refusal to spend 10 dollars on an umbrella = much woe and regret. 


When the rain eventually let up, I took a stroll around the neighbourhood, exploring the hills and terraces andeventually finding my way to Ethos, “a lifestyle shop” which is really just the absolute perfect flavour of lnstagram hipster douchbagery (i.e. my love language).


I wandered back towards the water, got another coffee, and then took the tram (which is such a cute way to get around Hong Kong) back to Central. I thought about exploring a bit more of the city, but I figured that I had exhausted my stock of responsibility and I was anxious to get back to the airport with plenty of time. 


Just as my train back to the airport left the station, I got an email notification about a three hour delay in my flight takeoff time. Which you’d think would have been a total bummer, but as I was flying solo *celebration emoji*, I certainly did take that opportunity for a little reflexology, a plate of Chicken Rice, and a glass of white wine. And I read like there articles in the New Yorker. So, basically, the delay felt like a veritable day at the spa. You know?  


Anyway, here are some pictures, if you’d like to see.