Taking Stock 02

Making : Time in my day to get to the gym.

Cooking: Not much. Less than usual. Our part-time housekeeper asked for more hours, so she’s cooking a few meals a week for us. It is the greatest, most lovely indulgence. 

Drinking: Ginger lemongrass turmeric tea.

Reading: I just finished Barbarian Days, which is a surf memoir, and is incredibly thoughtful and well-written.

Wanting: A pair of flea market flairs. Unfortunately, my procrastination game is strong, and I missed the boat. My dad, who is my american product sherpa, is leaving soon. So, I'll just wait till the next visitor comes. ;)

Looking: Forward to a visit from my dad.

Playing: Cars and school.

Wasting: Too much food. My fridge is a disaster, guys.

Sewing: haahahahaha.

Wishing: I understood my girl a bit better.

Enjoying: The rainy season approaching.

Waiting: For Hugo to wake up. 

Liking: My quiet mornings at my computer, working.

Wondering: What to get my husband for Christmas.

Loving: How much of a clown Hugo is these days.

Hoping: That we find out what’s next for us, where we might move, and when that might happen.

Marvelling: At how much my kids love each other.

Needing: Nothing.

Smelling: Sweaty and stale after putting off my post-gym shower. You’re welcome for that tidbit.

Wearing: My gym clothes. And a cardigan. 

Following: The Bucket List Family

Noticing: Hugo’s looking less and less like a baby.

Knowing: That I’m lucky.

Thinking: About what's coming next for us.

Feeling: Hungry. It’s lunch time.

Bookmarking: Christmas gift ideas.

Opening: My heart. 

Giggling: Too much when Hugo does naughty things.