"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2015."

Stella: The other day, Hugo was looking at some pictures. He spotted one of Stella embracing him, and he said, "Yaya. Love." I think the feeling comes from the ways she is with him: generous and giving and always always always looking for a cuddle. And when she's upset, she'll often turn away from me and seek out comfort from her brother instead.

Hugo:  After more than a week of illness and a fever of 41 degrees, he's finally finally back to his normal, cheerful self.  He's been sitting in the hallway, watching cars chatting away to himself, "Dh! Bus! Car! Blue cars! da-da bus! Wow! Police. Da dere! Cars. Ni! Mummy! Dadu. Duduk. Da dere cars.  

This was a week of illness, quiet days at home, and catching up. Hugo started the week with a 41 degree temperature, a trip to the hospital, and some IV rehydration. He has Fifths Disease apparently, which is totally not a big deal, but certainly did leave me anxious. The rest of the week was spent recovering, nursing a very cranky baby (so cranky, in fact, I caught him on multiple occasions arguing with his imaginary friend? or no one? over who was allowed to touch his cars. By the end of the week, Stella was down for the count, suffering from a cold and an asthma flareup. I also haven't been feeling 100 percent, with serious case of Dr. Google doom spiral (imagined infected gland -> mumps -> obviously cancer) which I now thing is probably just a sinus cold. So. Yeah. 

Anyway. I will say that all signs point to a better week ahead, because LOOK! I'm actually posting this on it's Sunday due date!