Ten on Ten {February}

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// Tuesday the tenth of February, two thousand and fifteen //


We’re deep in the trenches of the wet season. The rains have been heavy and unrelenting. Fearing flash floods, I kept Stella home from school. Our beloved Ibu couldn't come in to work today, which meant that I didn't get any time for work either. But work will wait for me. 

The day started out cross. Hugo wouldn't nap. Stella wouldn’t listen. And instead of continuing to squabble, we went off to the grocery store. Me, the kids, a stroller and a shopping trolly. And it was fine. It was great, even. We let go of our frustration and smoothed over hurt feelings. Stella helped me with the list, she gathered this and that, and we filled up our trolly.

We came home for an early lunch. Then Stella watched a film while Hugo refused to sleep. I put him in the stroller and pushed him up and down the hallway till he eventually succumbed to his exhaustion. And then I took pictures of him. And woke him up. Obviously.

I got dinner started, lamb shanks with fennel and apricot. The kids roamed around, Stella made a wedding church out of pillows, while Hugo tried to throw the contents of his chest of drawers into the garbage bin.

With dinner bubbling on the stove, the kids and I went down to the shops again, having forgotten a few essential items.

Sometime around mid-afternoon, the clouds parted and we had the first real blue sky in ages. So we  dropped off our shopping and went outside to clear our minds and fill our lungs.

The kids had a bath. Papi took a break from work to join us for dinner. Then an early bedtime lit by neon signs and dusky skies.

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