"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2015"

Stella: After a tough time last week, she got struck down by some nasty vomiting bug. Poor bunny.

Hugo: He's walking properly now. He can take about ten steps, though he still prefers his faster four-legged gait.

This week brought floods and sickness, but still, it was lovely. In no small part due to the great wonder that is the second year of life. I love watching these tiny and insignificant milestones pop up. The joy in observing these small changes sure makes the melancholy of saying goodbye to babyhood prick that much less. Hugo is officially waking now. He's started saying his first word: DA! Which means down. He shouts this, typically, as he flings his bowl (and his dinner) to the floor. He started pointing this week. He throws his arm in front of him, and demands to be carried to the door. We then embark on a safari down the hall, looking at all the exciting sights like the light fixtures and the doors to the back spaces. When he's quiet, he can usually be found in my bedroom, emptying the contents of his chest of drawers into the bathroom garbage bin. He loves to play with his toy horses, making them roar! and sleep. He cries big, fat crocodile tears when he falls. He still saves his biggest, most joyful laughs for his sister. 

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