"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2015."

Stella: After a pretty eventful (and fairly frightening) evening, I let her wind down in my bed with the iPad.

Hugo: He's been suffering from fever, and lethargy, so he's been pretty miserable.

Ahhhhaahh, so, um, this week. THIS WEEK. Two sick kids, (one whose default response to illness is extreme anger, the other who turns all kawala) no childcare, and a legit fire scare in our building, well, this week, it's been, uhhhh, a real peach.

Last week Stella got some gastro thing (maybe it was food poisoning because no one else caught the voms). We ended up in urgent care for rehydration and an anti-vom shot. Well, then that turned into some respiratory bug, which she then passed onto Hugo.

That girl, man, she rages at illness. She's pissed about everything, and WATER NOW! And NO SNUGGLES but okay, she will throw food all over the floor, and then batter her brother about the head, and spit at her mother, and declare her fervent and sincere wishes for a new family because she's just so angry about her fever, Holy smokes, you guys, it's exhausting. 

So that was that. And then on Saturday evening there was a fire in our building. No one was hurt, thank goodness, and it was brought under control fairly quickly. But it really did highlight how, in the developing world especially, things can go bad pretty quickly. It also demonstrated how we as a family need to have a rock solid emergency plan. We'll be packing an emergency bag and investing in about one million smoke detectors. 

As for this coming week, I for one am looking forward to smooth sailing, calm seas, and um, no fires please.