old friends // pure joy

We were in Kuala Lumpur this weekend visiting some dear, dear friends. You know the kind of friends who, you just get? The kind of friends who vibrate on the same wavelength? The kind of friends with whom you can be your true self, without worrying about dirty mouths or dirty faces, unruly kids, and small panics over momentarily lost credit cards. These friends, well they are that kind. 

As it happens, Becs is a talented photographer, and she busted out her camera for a few snaps of the kids going slightly mental on the hotel bed. Here's a little video. Two four-year-olds and a baby. Pure and utter joy.

Also, fyi I am running a little giveaway on my photography Facebook page. Up for grabs is a freeeeeee family photo session. Pop on over to enter. It's really easy. Today is the last day to enter.