lowlight {highlight}


I'm participating in a 365 project and light study on Facebook hosted by Erin Hensley. February's prompt was low light. Which is something, I confess, i'm terrified of. I mean, beyond monsters under beds and boogymen in closets, cranking that ISO and risking images pockmarked by grain, that stuff is fuel for my nightmares.

I thought I had done really well, taking all of these images in low light. And then I combed though the past month of my photo catalogue, and it's all sun sun and sun. (Which is really something, considering that we're in the depths of rainy season, and I'm pretty sure I spent the entire month of February waterlogged and / or covered in sick children.) 

So here we are, a few favourites of my month of low light. And in actuality, only one reaaaaalllly counts as low light, but we'll just let that slide, shall we?