10 on Ten


Baby bam bam keeps getting called a girl. I wonder why? // TV time in the hotel before we begin kid's club for the littles and a morning of (solo!!!) shopping for me. I tell you this really IS a vacation! // Some pre-swim fun with the balcony door. I love Hugo's silly streak. // She still twirls her hair when she's tired // A taxi ride to our friends' hotel // Late afternoon swim // Some offerings // Sand is totally THE WORST // A little girl on the beach at dusk // Me and my boy.

So, well, maybe this isn't so much a photograph an hour for ten hours, so much as it is ten photographs taken over the course of more than than hours? 

Anyway, how wonderful that this month's ten on ten fell during a trip to Bali? We're all having a wonderful time swimming in the pool and playing on the beach. Well, actually Hugo hates playing on the beach because sand is totally and completely awful, but he is super into the waves and the ocean and demands to be allowed to play in the water. But that involves sand. And the whole thing causes a dramatic and intensely urgent internal conflict about five times a day.

But come on. The ocean is amazing. And waves are mesmerizing. And we are all trying to spend as much time outside as possible, drinking this all in, remembering the rhythm of the ocean and the smell of the sea air.