"a portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2015"

Stella: She's been really into helping her brother this past week. She makes sure his shoes are off indoors, that he's safe sitting on the couch, she warns us when he's scaling the big bed, or trying to play in the aquatic sensory bowl (aka toilet).

Hugo: He's been really into everything: my wallet, the groceries, the craft cupboard, the garbage, his drawers, and uhhhhh, the toilet. So many times. Also, he had two carpet poops on the same morning and he was wearing a diaper both times, so I just don't even understand the laws of the universe any more. 

We had a lovely Easter, did you? We spent the morning eating chocolate and being generally quite lazy. Then we went with some good friends to a ridiculously huge hotel brunch, where I ate till my tummy hurt (unrelated: I wonder why these last few baby kilos are sticking around?). Hugo had his first encounter with M&Ms and I could not pull that kid away from the candy table. We let the kids run off their sugar high with our friends in their pool. I sat in chocolate (in a white dress), so easter was just as it should be. 

I've been incredibly busy with client work the past week. Which is lovely, really. It's wonderful. On weeks like this though, I'm pouring all my creative goods into work for others (which, lets face it, is how it should be) and that's leaving little left for my own work. Which this past week SUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKED. So. Anyway. We've got a quieter week ahead with friends visiting and I predict lots glittering pools and sunset beaches in my future.