Ten on Ten

:: baby toes :: first thing when he wakes up, he comes into my bed for a quick snuggle with his soother and his blanket.

:: breakfast :: we sit together at the table, he feeds himself yoghurt, berries, and bread.

:: playtime :: after dressing, bathing, and tidying up, the kids play with ibu for a while.

:: work time :: i hid away for a while, working on a blog post and some upcoming projects.

:: naptime :: since i'm occupying our shared bedroom with my computer, he took a short nap in his stroller.

:: playthings :: a friend and her daughter came over, so naturally we hung out on the floor and built stuff with magformers. 

:: on the road :: the kids headed out with ibu and a friend for lunch, and i hopped on an ojek and went to the south side of the city for a meeting.

:: batik :: i got to spend the afternoon talking batik with sejauh mata memandang.

:: taxi :: heading home to my kids

:: playgroup :: i met up with the kids at playgroup, where they made friends with a street cat. hugo had exactly zero fear of this guy. but he did insist on calling the cat a "woof woof." so we have a few things to work on there.

:: home time :: the typical scene when i suggest that it's home time.