So Long, Farewell

For the past six weeks or so, my sister has been visiting Jakarta. She's been working on a few projects here in Jak city, and also hanging out with me and my kids.

It has been an incredible gift, having her here. Most often, we interact with our family through a screen. So, times like this when our people are close in proximity, when we can see their faces in real life, touch their hands, just being next to each other, occupying the same air, well, that's extra special.

We got to celebrate Stella's graduation together. Stella had her auntie at her birthday party. Sophie taught Stella to swim. Hugo made a new buddy, someone to wrestle with, jump on top of, and greet with a warm and hopeful, baaaAAAAaaaa at six am. 

And while these six weeks or so haven't been the most idyllic, really, it is incredible to have family around to help, offer support, and maybe a high five when I really needed one.

Sophie is headed back to North America today. Stella is pretty sad to see her go (or at least, that is how I'm interpreting her recent pissy mood.) And Hugo? Well, I'm not sure how much he really understands. I've tried to explain to him as best I can, but I doubt her really grasps what is happening. And that's kind of heartbreaking, really. They did become so close during these past six weeks.

We said good-bye, watched her car drive off, and then returned home. Our house feels a little emptier, and our hearts a little lonelier. So, have a safe flight, there Soph. See you again soon, I hope! <3