Ten on Ten

July tenth fell on the last day of our trip to Jogjakarta, where we've been for the past several days. Honestly, Jogja was so delightful, it wore me plum out, and I was hardly on the internet at all. Which, I won't lie, was fairly nice? Anyway, we're back now, and back to real life, and, most exciting for me, back to my regular food routine. And so, ten on ten. Here's a little peak inside a travel day. 

:: 06:34 :: Up with the sun, playing sunglasses and suitcases. Obviously.

:: 07:36 :: Breakfast at the hotel. Which looks calm and peaceful, but actually was anything but. This bear broke several dishes, and spilled an entire stack of forks off the service stand. :/

::08:24:: I escaped the bedlam for some quiet time with my iPad.

::09:52:: Mr. Chef packed up the room, passed the kids to our babysitter, and joined me for a pre-flight coffee date.

::11:01:: Checking out from the hotel, one last look at the view.

::12:03:: Rice and mie basko for lunch. For the kids. The parents passed on airport food. 

::13:04:: Waiting for takeoff.

::1408:: Landing soon, and kind of over having small people climb all over me.

::15:13:: In the taxi. Late afternoon. Last Friday before Ramadan. Macet total. We flew into the city airport, which is only eight KM from home. We moved at a snail's pace the entire way home.

::16:20:: Still in the taxi. And thank the traffic gods, Hugo fell asleep. 

::17:23:: We just walked in the door. Hooray. Finally. Uggg. Jakarta traffic. It was lovely to be greeted by fresh flowers!

::18:26:: The kids were so glad to be back with their toys. Both of them, first thing they did upon returning, is go to check out their toy kitchen. 

All in all, a lovely day. Except for, you know, traffic hell. But it's Jakarta, right? Just one of the costs of living here. And those marathon taxi journeys are a fair price to pay for living amongst banana leaves and late afternoon golden sun.