"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015."

Stella: Submitted her first ever school assignment: a self-portrait with a little story. And while all her peers drew careful, beautiful, life-like renditions of themselves, she drew herself with fire-red hair, and rainbow scribbles for her face, and guys, I couldn't have been more proud. 

Hugo: Is really into climbing and jumping right now. He builds precarious platforms out of stools and tables, arranges a beanbag below, and leaps with great glee.

It was a fairly tough week of us around here. Our neighbours, a family with two boys who have lived across the hall since Hugo was about two weeks old, moved away to a new country. Those kids treated each other like siblings (with all the love AND fighting that come as part of that relationship), they were constantly playing between our apartments, or running down the hallway dressed as police and princesses. Stella loved having constant access to playmates. Hugo practically worshiped the bigger boy, I sure do miss all the noise and fun and chaos. 

My dad was also in town, and he left the day after those boys. So many goodbyes in one week.

Still, things are settling down again, returning back to normal. My work has picked up (hooray!) and I've finally organised a desk and actual workspace for myself, so I feel pretty great about this upcoming week.