Doing Good Work

I was thinking this morning about what I could write here today. And maybe I shouldn't admit that, you know, I doooonnn't have a detailed and well thought through editorial calendar and that I never actually know what I'm going to post until I hit the publish button....but anyway. A fact is a fact. (And frankly, one does not have to look very hard at this blog to identify that.)

I wanted to write  a little travel tidbit about going to Garut, but then I realised that I already DID write one, so. Yeah. But I never did share any of my images from that trip so, thought maybe striking hot irons etc? And THHHEEENNNN I though oh, maybe I should actually blog about this trip on my professional-like photography blog?

So I did.


And then I thought maybe I'd do some manifesting work? And I'd put it out to the universe that I love this type of work and I want to make more pictures with people working in development or social enterprises or community activism.  I want to make pictures with people doing good work to make this planet a better place to be a human. So, there you go. My intention is out there. Universe, do your best.

(Oh, and if you hear of anything cool, get in touch!)