"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015."

Stella: She was extremely, super, profoundly unhappy about the fact that I was away for about six days. And boooooooy did she let us know. This kid sure is expressive.

Hugo: He is really getting into toy cars. He loves driving them across his bedroom floor and sending them flying down the toy car garage. I'll also tell you, that bringing little toy cars to restaurants has made dining out an altogether more calm experience. 

It was a kind of turbulent week, you guys. Last week, I was away for about three days, came back for one, and then took off with Mr. Chef for another three days away. And that time away was really well needed, and incredibly restorative, HOWEVER, we paid the price upon return. The tantrums around here have been fairly epic. But, I think we've rounded a corner.

This is the last week of summer holiday. I can't quite believe it, guys. I guess I'd better hop to it and make a summer bucket list? Or something? Maybe just one day full of popsicles and pools and, I don't know, what does one eve do in the summer? Last ditch effort at making the most of it? Question mark? Man, I feel like these summer days have just fallen though my fingers before I even had a chance to grab on. When school let out in May, I was sure that the summer holiday would drag on for about ohhhhh, all of eternity. But here we are! Stella's first day in big school is this Friday! Holy smokes. 

The good news, at least, is that the summer weather WILL carry on for all of eternity. Maybe that's why I don't feel so much pressure to make the most of the season. We'll still be pooling come January. Thank goodness. But these empty days, full of possibility will soon give over to structure, organisation, and gasp! homework. Oh dear. Wish me luck!