One and A Half

My sweet baby bear turned one and a half on Saturday. I feel compelled to ask those usual and trite questions about the passage of time, and the exact exact location of that black hole down which these past eighteen months have flown, because, oy, how can it have all gone so quickly?

You know when people talk about the golden days? Like, the time upon which you'll look back from your rocking chair and think, this right here, this is the time that I'll live over and over again in my mind, this is the golden sphere that I'll hold in my memory for ever and always, long after everything else has faded from view. That time, unquestionably is now. Being a mother to an eighteen-month-old and a five-year-old is a pretty wonderful place to be.

Anyway, I thought I'd do a little Hugo Bear update to celebrate his big milestone. Hope you don't mind!

:: Growing ::

Last time he was at the doctor, which, admittedly was a while ago, Hugo was just over 11 KGs. He's big enough to wrestle his sister, I'll say that much. Hugo has five front teeth, and just sprouted two new molars. He's a few inches taller than the table (for easy access to any and all sorts of full cups and bottles left in reach) and decidedly tall enough to climb onto a stool, fish around in the dish drainer, and pull out a super sharp chef's kife. :/


:: Saying ::

So, remember that time I was all, 'My genius baby can say Mama at ten months!!' Hahaha. I was full of it. He was actually saying 'I want that', and had exactly zero sweet mama love with his first utterances. Anyway, now he can actually say Mummy, and mean it. 

He also says other things, which I will now list because I have no shame: hi; bye; more; tea; yaya = Stella; dudu = duduk / sit; no-no = no; ooooorrrrder = over there; arrrrggg! = any sort of animal; woowoo  = a four-legged animal; arr = car; choo-choo = train / airplane (obvs); 

:: Learning ::

Judging from the amount of time he spends practicing, Hugo MUST be learning how to jump. He likes nothing better than to climb onto a raised surface and throw himself off. He's attempting jumping in place, but, well, let's just say I get a lot of lols from watching him try.  He's also clearly in an intense language learning stage. He's picking up new words really quickly, which is a total delight to see. 

:: Mastering ::

Hugo's basically a pro at going up stairs unassisted, and like 90 percent proficient in going down. Though he does feel more comfortable to hold my hand (which, thank god!!!) He's totally got walking down, and running, he's super good at running, though there's still an occasional tumble, now and then.

:: Playing ::

We're totally in a cars stage. And I love that. I enjoy watching him line up his little toy cars, push them around, and my favourite, pile them all into the play stroller and wheel his babies around the apartment. Other favourite pass times include putting things in bags; helping me do laundry; wiping tables; helping make the bed; climbing on top of me whenever I sit down; wrestling his sister; jumping on and off the bed. He's also quite interested in playing whatever his sister is doing, because he's a little brother and he adores his big sis. 

:: Moving ::

Always and everywhere. But if we're out and about, he almost always wants to be carried, which I don't mind a bit. 

:: Eating ::

Like a typical toddler? Which is to say, sometimes great, sometimes nothing at all. He has a special fondness for pasta and noodles of all sorts. Lately he's been on a spinach kick, which is great. Steak, sausage, eggs, bread, peas, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, watermelon, apples, and nuts are all much loved. And, strangely, tea. He loves tea. And butter. He eats it by the pat. I'm not lying. Also, chocolate. He is totally my son.

:: Sleeping ::

I'll give him a C in this department. A few weeks ago, we moved Hugo and Stella into the same room, and while it's mostly fine, they do wake each other up sometimes. Hugo goes to bed at about 7 most nights, and is up for the day at 5:30 or 6. . He sleeps in his own bed, and for the most part he can put himself down without an adult needing to be there. Many days he still takes two naps, otherwise it's one 2 hour nap at about 10:30 or so. But night wakings are still a thing that happen allllllllll theeeee tiiiiime. Usually about twice a night. Sigh. I don't produce sleepers, it seems. 


:: Loving :: 

Going out to play. Being with people. Saying hi to strangers. Giving high fives to random people in the elevator. His bottle, his blanket, his pacifier. Cars, trains, airplanes, and anything that goes. Animals of all sorts. His sister. All his sister's friends. Climbing and jumping. Chocolate. Milk. Commandeering every single person's bowl at the breakfast table. Putting all his food into his water cup. Drinking tea. Sneaking secret bites of chocolate when I'm hiding in the kitchen having a clandestine mid-afternoon snack. ≈ Bath time. Pool time. Shoes. Putting them on and kicking them off. Preferred  baby uniform = shoes and diaper. Hats, glasses, and all manner of accessories. 

:: Loathing :: 

Not being able to put on shoes. When his sister sits on my lap. Being even the smallest bit tired. Accidental bites of spicy food. Sand. Waves. Anything to do with the beach. Grass touching his feet or hands. Poor urban baby.

:: Enjoying ::

This stage is lovely. So much growing and learning happens now, and it is a true wonder to see a kid become more self aware and understand more abut the world around him. Hugo is the most cheerful, cheeky little guy, and being with him is nothing short of delightful. Also, he's figured out how to make cute poses to make us all laugh, and that is totally the best. 

Happy (half) birthday Hugo Bear. And now, I present a million pictures of my boy who is the cutest boy there ever was, you know??!

hugo 18 months-3.jpg