"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015."

Stella: She's strating to enjoy her homework. Subtraction is beginning to click. She's actually starting to be able to read Chinese. Or, at least, from what I can tell given that I know two characters. And she offically recognized her first ever written word this week. (I mean, beside, like, her name.) I'm no tiger parent, but I'm really ejoying watching these skills blossom. 

Hugo: He's learning too. His language is really coming along. When asked what he want's for dinner, he almost always responds: "oup! ice!" and if he's feeling particularly chatty, he adds: "Me! Mouth!" Which I'm sure tranaslates to, "Soup and rice please! For me! In my mouth!" It's so intersting to see how he's coming out of that primordial baby state, developing into a person who can activly communicate his wants and needs. 

It's been kind of a laid back week. I mean, except me basically crippeling myself with a back injury. But that's forced me to slow down and rest (which is almost always a good thing!). I've been taking advantage of cheep massages and I'm slowly getting more mobile and less sore. 

I bought a exercise ball. I'm giong to try using it as a seet and hopefully that will ease some of the strain on my back. Otherise it looks like it'll be more massages, less lifting, and more yoga. I've got to get back to yoga.

Do you do yoga? How do you fit it into your day?

Okay! Have a lovely week!