Ten on Ten {September}

I missed the tenth this month. The tenth happened to be the day that I did my back in. But that's not the reason I missed it. Mostly it's because life skills are just not an area in which I excell. I shot these then next day, so. Anyway, Here's Ten (eleven) on Eleven on the Fourteenth. 

:: 5:48 :: Hugo's been waking up bright and early recently. I think he's getting teeth.

:: 6:50 :: Most mornings Hugo can be found here looking for birds and cars. Convienet for me,  becuase it's right beside my bed, so I can "watch him" from the comfort of a supine position. 

:: 7:52 :: I'm injured, so I can't really stop him from making messes and playing with choking hazzards. 

:: 9:06 :: The kids are off to school, so I'm enjoying a pot of lemongrass, tumeric, and ginger tea. Apparently tumeric is good for infilmation. So I'm guzzeling the stuff today.

:: 10:15 :: A bit of rest time to ice my back. And read blogs. So, this whole "invilid" thing is not so bad? Question mark?

:: 11:42 :: Hugo's back from his baby school, all tuckered out and fast asleep.

:: 13:22 :: It's awfuly quiet around here. Here's a painting my friend made. And a art instilation Stella made. :/

:: 14:35 :: He's finally up. I guess long naps make up for early morning wake ups??

:: 16:30 :: When his sister gets home, he's basically glued to her side for the remainder of the day.

:: 17:19 :: Hugo builds himself this little structure so that he can fufill his need for jumping. It's quite ingenious / terifiying. But also it requires minimal intervention from me, and since I'm injured, I'm fairly happy for that.

Well! A pretty good Friday, if you ask me. Hope you guys enjoyed yours! Happy Monday!


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