Saturday Morning

I've been playing around with video, and, uhhhh, it's kinda fun? I was working on this little number over the weekend and, you know that feeling when you're deep into something and you look at the clock and wonder how two hours could have possibly flown by? Yeah. That. It's kind of like meditative. Or a like a creativity booster, or whatever. Which isn't to say this video is amazing (spoiler alert: camera shake is a thing!) but I got to tap into that creative energy, that generative force that is kinda, like, the whole point of everything, you know? And well, that's inspiring. 

Anyway, have a look. If you're in Indo, you'll have to use a vpn. Sorry!  Vimeo is blocked here,  apparently it's full of stuff too dangerous for our sensitive eyes. Sure glad the government is spending their valuable resources protecting my decency, especially when graft and corruption are endemic. ;)