To The Beach {on film}

We're off to the beach for a few days of family time. Our Swiss family is in town for a couple of weeks, and as it's their first time in Indonesia, of course we have to show them a great time. Which means sand castles and hammocks and all the fresh young coconuts they can drink.

Our extended Swiss family includes two little boys, just a little younger and older than Stella and Hugo, respectively. They don't speak any English, these boys, only French and German (which, only! They're bilingual! And that's amazing!) Basically Stella can manage a few simple phrases in German. But she keeps telling me that she knows how to say "Joyeux Noel", so she's basically set. ;)

The last time that these kids spent any time together Stella was four and she did manage to pick up one phrase in French, "A moi!" which basically means, IT'S MINE! Haha. Which, I think, tells you all you need to know about being a four year old and meeting new kids. Anyway, I don't plan on updating here while we're away, but you'll find plenty of nonsense on my Insta where I hope to be posting daily.  I mean, that is, if all that beach lounging doesn't tire me out. ;)

Oh, I guess I should mention that these pictures are from the last time we went to Bali. We spent some time up North near Lovina, and it's really so lovely up there. I adore the drive from the airport all the way north across the island. It's a long, three hour trip, up mountains and down winding roads no wider than the span of a car. But we drive through a monkey forest, past these incredible mountain lakes, and through delightful little villages. It's worth the trip. Especially when the trip coincides with nap time. Right?  ;)

I took these on my 35 mm film camera using Portra 400 if you'd like to know.

Okay! BYE!!!