The Gilis {on film}


The family and I spent an amazing five days in the Gili Islands. We went with our French cousins, with whom, side note, I'm loving spending time, and super loving how my kids are picking up the odd word of french here and there.  Everyone now is saying, On y va! whenever we're heading out the door.

I do want to write a proper travelogue on your time there, but alas, time is in short supply (well, perhaps more accurately, time management skills are in short supply), so we'll just settle for this collection of snapshots and a few nonsense words. FOR NOW. 

Have you been the the Gilis? They are phenomenal. Normally I'm going on and on and on about how wonderful Bali is (because, duh, it is) but these three little islands off Lombok are really something, let me tell you. There are not gas-powered vehicles permitted on the islands, so everything happens by bike or horse cart. (Also, how hilarious did I look, sweating near to death on a half broken bike with two small children strapped to me???) The lack of traffic, the nature of being stuck on an island, the afternoon heat, and the general vacation atmosphere really helped us slow down, and appreciate one another more than we remember to do at home. 

We did some snorkelling, some playing on the beach, a bit of exploring, I went for a run or two, and there was also lots of hanging around and just enjoying being together. 

I took a minimal camera kit with me (unusual for me! but lovely!) and here are some snaps with a little point and shoot camera that i'm slowly falling in love with (A nikon Tii, if you're into that kind of thing), but equally frustrated with because the shutter speed maxes out at 500 and, well, going from dark jungle shade to super bright light sandy beach is fairly challenging for this little dude. However, enough camera nerdery. 

Anyway, enjoy! And maybe one of those days I'll come up with a travelogue? Possibly? 

gili island_travel blog_film photography_2
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gili islands_travel blog_film photography_7
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gili islands_travel blog_film photography_10
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